Designated Persons

If you are a council tenant or resident leaseholder, you can act as a Designated Person.

A Designated Person acts on behalf of other tenants and leaseholders as part of the complaints process.

The Council has a three-stage internal complaints procedure, which in most cases will resolve issues.

However, if tenants or leaseholders are not satisfied with the outcome of their complaint after this process, they can request the assistance of the Designated Person.

The Designated Person will step in to see if they can find a resolution before the complaint is referred to the Housing Ombudsman.

The role will not require very much of your time. However, it may be necessary to work outside of normal working hours. Full training will be available.

Please note that if you are already involved with Housing Service, for example as a member of a Standards Panel or the Housing Standards Board, you will not be eligible to apply.

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