Plans, performance and policies

Harlow Council Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan 2018 to 2021 (pdf) is a policy document reviewed and published annually. It provides the context in the form of priorities for the Council's ambitions and service delivery for the next three years. The Corporate Plan contains the Council's vision for Harlow, a vision for the organisation, our values and objectives along with the Medium Term Financial Strategy.

Equality and diversity

Harlow Council is committed to the principles of equality of opportunity, fairness and quality for all, both in the services that it provides to the community and in its role as an employer. We believe this can be better achieved by a workforce that values and reflects diversity. More information on the Corporate Equality Policy and Equality Impact Assessments

Council policies and procedures

Harlow Council has a number of policies and procedures that lay out how it should act. More information on Harlow Council policies and procedures.


Harlow Council wants to provide the best possible services. We monitor our performance to see how good we really are. One of the ways we monitor how we perform is through the use of national and other performance indicators. The government requires all councils to collect data on areas such as waste, planning, benefits and housing. We regularly compare our performance against other councils, celebrate areas of good performance and provide a challenge to areas where we are not performing so well.

  • Joint Finance and Performance Reports
    Monitor how well the Council is doing in providing its services and against its Corporate Plan. 
  • Council achievements
    How Harlow Council are performing in key areas
  • Council awards and accreditations
    Awards and accreditations Harlow Council has achieved
  • Performance Management Framework (pdf)
    Explains the steps used in the process of managing performance, as well as listing the tools available for staff and Councillors to assist them in carrying out these steps well. The framework also provides further detail on the specific roles, responsibilities and mechanisms for performance within Harlow Council.

External Audit and Inspection

As a local authority, Harlow Council is required to have its performance assessed by an independent third party. This role was previously undertaken by the Audit Commission until 2012 at which point the responsibility for this transferred to Ernst & Young.

Local Planning Policies

Planning policies manage the future development of Harlow, this includes Harlow’s emerging Local Plan. Planning policies are used by Harlow Council to determine planning applications and to guide development and the use of land across the Harlow District. More information on planning policies