Street cleaning

Harlow Council working in partnership with HTS (Property & Environment) Ltd, clean and clear Harlow’s streets using range of mechanical sweepers, vehicles, traditional street sweepers with barrows and hand tools. Private areas, such as some new housing estates, retail parks, some industrial estates, land owned by the railway operators etc, are not cleaned by HTS (Property & Environment) Ltd.

How are the streets cleaned?

The streets are cleaned in different ways, depending on the area – for example, in areas where there are few parked cars, HTS (Property & Environment) Ltd may sweep or blow litter from footpaths into the roadside channel for the mechanical broom to pick up. In areas which congested or are hard to reach with mechanical sweepers, it may be necessary to use more manual resources such as the traditional street sweepers.

When will my street be cleaned?

HTS (Property & Environment) Ltd aim to clean each and every street in the town once every four weeks as a minimum, starting from one end of the town to the other. Some high volume areas, which are prone to litter and detritus (dust, mud, soil, grit, gravel, stones, rotted leaf and vegetable residues etc) are cleaned more often. With some areas taking more time to clean and other areas taking less time to clean, it is not always possible to give precise dates as to when the cleaning will be done in any given area. Similarly, bad weather can hamper progress and in extreme cases (such as stormy weather) it may be necessary to divert the teams to deal with fallen trees, branches etc.

Do you clean alleyways, garage areas and grassed areas on estates?

HTS (Property & Environment) Ltd clean all of the adopted footpaths and roads and hard surfacing, including footpaths and garage areas owned by the Council. They will also litter pick grass verges and smaller grassed areas.

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Mechanical sweeper on a road and pavement

How often are cycle paths and main roads swept?

Cycle paths and main roads are swept at least once every four weeks. and the same provisions for cleaning in case of heavy littering apply as for housing estates. You can report litter online or to Contact Harlow.

Do you clean street furniture?

All street furniture, furniture in recreation areas and open spaces will be kept in a clean and serviceable condition by HTS (Property & Environment) Ltd . Direction signs are the responsibility of Essex County Council.

How often are street bins emptied?

Bins are emptied a minimum of twice a week. However, bins which are heavily used will be emptied more frequently. Any damaged bins found upon emptying are then scheduled for repair. You can report an overflowing or damaged bin online or to Contact Harlow. It will be cleared within one working day or will fix/replace bin within five working days of receiving the report

How can I request a bin for a particular area?

There will generally be a bin within a reasonable distance of where you are. However there may still be areas where it is quite a distance to the nearest bin, and we will consider installing a bin in those areas if requested. Requests for bins will be considered carefully as there is a limited budget. Consequently we will not be able to give you an answer either way at the time of making the request. You can make requests for bins through Contact Harlow.