Street cleaning

We work with HTS (Property & Environment) Ltd to clean and clear Harlow’s streets.

How often HTS clean

HTS aim to clean all council owned streets in the town once every 4 week as a minimum.

Some high volume areas, which are prone to litter and detritus (dust, mud, soil, gravel, and rotted leaves) are cleaned more often.

With some areas taking more time to clean than others, we cannot always give precise dates as to when the cleaning will be done in any given area.

What HTS clean

HTS clean all footpaths, shopping hatches, roads, and hard surfacing, including cycle tracks and garage areas which are owned by the Council.

HTS do not clean privately managed areas, retail parks, some industrial estates or land owned by the railway operators.

HTS litter pick grass verges and smaller grassed areas.

HTS clean and check all street furniture, furniture in recreation areas and open spaces.