County council election results

Essex County Council is made up of 75 elected councillors, representing 70 electoral divisions - 65 Divisions elect one councillor and 5 divisions elect 2 councillors.

There are 3 divisions in Harlow:

  • Harlow North (1 councillor)
  • Harlow South East (1 councillor)
  • Harlow West (2 councillors)

Elections are held every 4 years. The next scheduled elections are due to take place in May 2021.


The last county council election took place on 4 May 2017. 

You can look at the declaration of results for the county council elections 2017 (pdf) 

Harlow North

Harlow North results
Candidate Party Votes
Michael Ralph Danvers Labour 2,036
Michael George Garnett Conservative 2,512 (Elected)
Lesley Anne Rideout Liberal Democrats 379

Turnout 29.10%

Harlow South East

Harlow South East results
Candidate Party Votes
Eugenie Vernon Fleur Harvey Labour 1,495
Eddie Johnson Conservative 2,468 (Elected)
Christopher Stephen Robins Liberal Democrats 293

Turnout: 28.71%

Harlow West

Harlow West results
Candidate Party Votes
James Richard Aicken Green Party 405
Hannah Ellen Clare Green Party 561
Karen Elizabeth Clempner Labour 3,457
Tony Durcan Labour 3,315
Michael Edward Hardware Conservative 3,940 (Elected)
Christopher Millington Liberal Democrats 297
Clive Thomas Souter Conservative 3,802 (Elected)
Robert Keith Thurston Liberal Democrats 248

Turnout: 28.25%

Overall turnout: 28.59%