General election results

There are currently 650 constituencies in the UK. Each constituency elects one MP (Member of Parliament) to a seat in the House of Commons. 

The Harlow constituency covers the whole of the Harlow District plus part of Epping Forest District.

A general election has to be held within at least 5 years of the last one.


The last general election took place on 12 December 2019. 

Candidate Party Votes
Charlotte Cane Liberal Democrats 2,397
Robert Halfon Conservative 27,510 (Elected)
Laura McAlpine Labour 13,447

Robert Halfon is elected as the MP for the Harlow constituency.


The percentage turnout: 64.04%

The total number of verified ballot papers: 43,594

The total number of eligible electors for the constituency: 68,078

Number of votes

The total number of valid votes cast: 43,354

The total number of ballot papers rejected: 236

The majority of votes for the elected candidate: 14,063

Rejected ballot papers

Number of ballot papers rejected because of:

  • want of an official mark: 0
  • voting for more than one candidate: 42
  • writing or mark by which the voter could be identified: 4
  • unmarked or void for uncertainty: 190

You can also download a copy of the declaration of results (pdf)