Complaints against councillors

Your councillors have to follow a code of conduct, as set out in Part 5 of the Constitution

You can submit a complaint about a councillor if you think they are not following their code of conduct.

If you want to complain about the decisions or actions we have taken as a council, you need to complain about the council

Before you submit a complaint about a councillor, you will need:

  • the name of the councillor you want to complain about
  • to have read the code of conduct and be able to tell us which part of the code you think the councillor has breached

To make a complaint, you need to:

The Monitoring Officer will acknowledge your complaint within five working days of receiving it and will keep you informed of the progress of your complaint.

For more information on the complaints process, read our councillor complaint procedure (pdf)

Contact information

Monitoring Officer
Harlow Council
Civic Centre
The Water Gardens
College Square
CM20 1WG