Clinical waste

We provide a free clinical waste collection to Harlow residents who self-medicate at home.

Clinical waste is any waste which poses a threat of infection to humans. This can include:

  • syringes, needles or other sharps
  • infectious bodily fluids
  • drugs or pharmaceuticals
  • infected swabs or dressings

To request a clinical waste collection, you need to:

  • call 01279 446655 for an application form

As part of the application process, you need to get your doctor to confirm the waste is clinical.

If you are being treated by a private or NHS healthcare professional in your home, the healthcare provider will arrange disposal of clinical waste including sharps.

You cannot put clinical waste in your normal bin.

Offensive waste

If your doctor confirms your waste is offensive, rather than clinical, you can put it in your normal bin, as long as it is securely tied and free from excess liquid.

Offensive waste can be offensive in appearance and smell but does not pose a risk of infection. This can include:

  • catheter and stoma bags
  • condoms
  • incontinence pads
  • nappies - use our nappies and incontinence waste collection
  • plasters - minor first aid or self-care
  • sanitary waste
  • waste from domestic first aid that is not infectious - except sharps