Bulky waste


We offer 2 types of bulky waste collection services:

  • ECCO reuse scheme
  • our own Harlow Council bulky collection

ECCO reuse scheme

We have partnered with local charity ECCO to offer a bulky waste reuse scheme.

If you have items that you think could still be reused by someone else, you can complete our online reuse form. 

ECCO will then contact you within 2 working days and visit you to find out if the item can be reused.

If the items can be reused, they will collect them for free and donate them to their charity shops, where they will be sold and the profits invested back into the local community.

Some of the items that ECCO may collect are furniture, electrical items, bric-a-brac and household items.

Bulky collections

We offer a bulky collection service to pick up unwanted household items and textiles.

We collect electrical items and textiles for free as they can be recycled. We charge a fee to collect non-electrical items as we cannot recycle them.

Electrical items include things like washing machines, fridges, fridge freezers, ovens, microwaves, vacuum cleaners and computers.

Textiles include things like clothes, paired shoes, coats, and sheets. See our textile waste page for more information.

Non-electrical items include things like non-upholstered furniture and smaller household items. 

Because of changes to how upholstered furniture has to be disposed, you now need to separate any bookings of upholstered furniture from other non-upholstered items when you put your items out for collection on your booked day.

The fees are:

  • 1 to 5 items £33
  • 6 to 8 items £50
  • 9 to 12 items £72.50
  • 13 to 16 items £95

All electrical items and textiles are free, no matter how many you book. 

If there is a fee for your collection, you'll need to pay it when you book. 

If you have different items for collection, you may have more than one collection date.

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If you want to cancel a booking please read the refund policy

Other disposal options

There are other recycling and selling sites available and some are free to list: