Nappies and incontinence waste

Nappies and incontinence waste can be put into your non-recycling bins, but we also offer a separate collection service.

We offer this service to households that regularly exceed non-recycling capacity because of nappy or incontinence waste.

We collect nappy or incontinence waste every 2 weeks.

We review collections every year, when you’ll be able to extend (or renew) your collection.

Review a nappy or incontinence collection

If you already receive a nappy or incontinence collection, we may ask you to complete a review to check that you still need this collection.

If we have asked you to complete a review, you can complete this online.

Cloth nappies

Essex County Council offer a £30 refund on the purchase of any cloth nappies or laundering fees.  

Cloth nappies are:

  • cheaper – you could save up to £1000 per baby using them
  • made of more natural materials and fewer chemicals
  • more environmentally friendly – disposables take hundreds of years to decompose

You can get more information on the cloth nappy scheme on the Love Essex website.