Health and wellbeing board

We have produced a Harlow health and wellbeing partnership strategy (pdf) which sets out our commitment to help all our residents benefit from a healthy and active lifestyle.

You can also find out more about what we are doing with other partners across Essex, by visiting the Livewell website

Health and Wellbeing Partnership Board

The Harlow Health and Wellbeing Partnership Board is the strategic accountable body for delivery of health and wellbeing outcomes and impact in Harlow. The board’s key objectives are to:

  • provide leadership for health and wellbeing in the district
  • raise the profile and act as the voice for health and wellbeing
  • review the priorities for health improvement in the district on an annual basis
  • bring together key partners to deliver a partnership approach to funding, activity and co-ordination and delivery for all in the community
  • identify potential funding opportunities which enables partners to develop joint projects and work streams throughout Harlow.

The board meets quarterly and is chaired by Councillor Chris Vince and the lead officer is Justin Hopwood.

Board sub groups

The board has 3 sub groups which work with local organisations to deliver health and wellbeing projects and initiatives to help improve the health and wellbeing of our residents.

Each group meets quarterly and membership of the groups is open to service providers, community groups and partner agencies.

Early Help and Start Well

This sub group focuses on improving the health and wellbeing of children and young people living in Harlow (pre-birth to 19 years of age). The group's priorities are:

  • tackle and reduce childhood obesity
  • increase participation in physical activity
  • mental health
  • healthy relationships and sexual health

The current chair is Courtenay Mosely (Active Essex) and the council’s lead officer is Christine Howard, Youth and Citizenship Manager

Bewell, Staywell, Workwell

The group works to make sure that all adults lead healthy and fulfilling lifestyles, enjoy good mental health, lead active lives and eat well. The group’s key priorities are:

  • increase physical activity, active living, active travel and sport
  • promote mental health and wellbeing
  • support local economic growth through the development of skills and employment opportunities for local residents
  • champion healthy workplaces by promoting healthy lifestyles and behaviour change
  • provide information and advice on how to live well

The current chair is Jemma Mindham (Rainbow Services, Harlow) and the council’s lead officer is Sports and Leisure Policy and Development Officer, Chris Purvis

Age Well

The Age Well group's focus is that all adults over 65 live a safe, healthy and independent life for as long as possible. The group's priorities are:

  • active living
  • social isolation and loneliness
  • dementia
  • safe and independent at home

You can find out more about this group's work in our Age Well guide (pdf)

The current chair is Councillor Bob Davis and the council’s lead officer is Project Development Co-ordinator, Becci Court