Health and wellbeing board

We have produced a Harlow health and wellbeing partnership strategy (pdf) which sets out our commitment to help all our residents benefit from a healthy and active lifestyle.

We are currently consulting on a new version of our health and wellbeing strategy. You can read the draft of this new strategy and find out how to submit your comments on our consultations page.

You can also find out more about what we are doing with other partners across Essex, by visiting the Livewell website.

Health and Wellbeing Partnership Board

The Harlow Health and Wellbeing Partnership Board is the strategic accountable body for the delivery of health and wellbeing outcomes and impact in Harlow. The board’s key objectives are to:

  • provide leadership for health and wellbeing in the district
  • raise the profile and act as the voice for health and wellbeing
  • review the priorities for health improvement in the district on an annual basis
  • bring together key partners to deliver a partnership approach to funding, activity and co-ordination and delivery for all in the community
  • identify potential funding opportunities which enables partners to develop joint projects and workstreams throughout Harlow.

The board meets quarterly and the lead officer is Justin Hopwood.

Board subgroups

The board has 3 subgroups that work with local organisations to deliver health and wellbeing projects and initiatives to help improve the health and wellbeing of our residents.

Each group meets quarterly and membership of the groups is open to service providers, community groups and partner agencies.

Early Help and Start Well

This subgroup focuses on improving the health and wellbeing of children and young people living in Harlow (pre-birth to 19 years of age). The group's priorities are:

  • tackle and reduce childhood obesity
  • increase participation in physical activity
  • mental health
  • healthy relationships and sexual health

The chair is currently vacant and the council’s lead officer is Christine Howard, Youth and Citizenship Manager

Bewell, Staywell, Workwell

The group works to make sure that all adults lead healthy and fulfilling lifestyles, enjoy good mental health, lead active lives and eat well. The group’s key priorities are:

  • build community resilience to assist with the cost of living and recovery from the coronavirus pandemic
  • increase participation in physical activity
  • promote mental health, wellbeing, and recovery
  • champion healthy workplaces by promoting healthy lifestyles and behaviour change     
  • provide information and advice on how to live well
  • improve access to open spaces and natural environments
  • digital inclusion

You can find out more about this group's work in our Bewell, Staywell, Workwell impact report (pdf)

The group is chaired by Lois Sparkes (Mind in West Essex) and the council’s lead officer is Sports and Leisure Policy and Development Officer, Chris Purvis

Age Well

The Age Well group's focus is that all adults over 65 live a safe, healthy and independent life for as long as possible. The group's priorities are:

  • active living
  • social isolation and loneliness
  • dementia
  • safe and independent at home

You can find out more about this group's work in our Age Well guide (pdf)

The current chair is Kelly Tarling and the council’s lead officer is Project Development Co-ordinator, Becci Court

Harlow Creates

Harlow Creates aims to develop Harlow’s arts and cultural sector so that it becomes well-funded, reaches audiences as diverse as the town’s demographics, and is recognised as high-quality at a local and national level.  The group's key priorities are:

  • increased engagement in arts and culture by Harlow residents
  • to empower cultural leaders of Harlow to be able to work more effectively independently and as one - Harlow cultural leaders will have more of a collective voice, to advocate, influence and work towards a more joined-up strategic vision
  • to increase skills, confidence and knowledge of staff and volunteers
  • to develop partnership working – both locally and with organisations outside of Harlow, and between cultural and non-cultural organisations

The group is co-chaired by Catherine Mummary from Harlow Art Trust and Cristin Casey from Memorial University of Newfoundland. The council’s lead officer is Cultural Partnerships and Education Officer, Sally Hardcastle