Public Health Community Grant Fund

The Public Health Community Grant Fund offers funding of up to £1,500 for health and wellbeing projects. 

The purpose of the grant is to fund health and wellbeing initiatives in Harlow which support the our health and wellbeing partnership strategy and meet the priorities of the Health and Wellbeing Partnership Board and the subgroups - see our health and wellbeing board page for more information.


The grant is open to community, voluntary and private sector organisations and individuals that provide services to the residents of Harlow.

Projects must:

  • benefit Harlow residents (any age group)
  • improve resident's health and wellbeing (you will need to demonstrate how you plan to achieve this)
  • address a priority of the 'Early Help and Start Well', 'Bewell, Staywell, Workwell' or 'Age Well' subgroups of the Health and Wellbeing Partnership Board

We will not fund:

  • repeat funding of an existing service or project
  • ordinary running costs of your service
  • costs of equipment or materials that are not directly used for your new initiative

There is no minimum funding amount you can apply for, but the maximum is £1,500.


If you need advice or support before applying, contact the relevant subgroup's lead officer - contact details are on our health and wellbeing board page . The lead officer will be able to advise on whether your project is suitable for funding before you make an application.

You can then use our online form to apply for a grant. 

Once you've submitted your application. it will be reviewed by the chair and lead officer of the relevant subgroup. They will assess your application based on how well the project meets the priorities of the subgroup, and how sustainable the project will be long term. This usually takes around 1 month.

If your application is successful, you will have approximately 1 year from when you receive the funding to deliver the project. You will have to return any grant funds if the project is not delivered or the organisation receiving the funding stops operating.

You will need to provide a report on the agreed key performance indicators halfway through the project, as well as an evaluation at the end of the project - we will provide a template for this.