Mutual exchange


Complete the move

Once the exchange has been agreed in principle you will need to sign a disclaimer accepting the property in its current condition and responsibility for the maintenance of non-standard items.

If we give permission for the exchange, you should contact the other tenant and arrange a convenient time to move. You need to give us at least 14 days notice of the moving date.

When you have a moving date, you need to contact us on 01279 446655 to make an appointment for all tenants to sign a deed of assignment.

This deed is the formal document which legally transfers your tenancy. If the mutual exchange is with a non-Harlow Council tenant a second appointment will be made with the landlord.

Once you have completed a mutual exchange, you take on the tenancy rights and responsibilities of the tenant you exchange with.

If you are exchanging with a Harlow Council tenant you will still be a secure tenant and continue to have the Right To Buy. 

If you are exchanging with a housing association tenant, most will allow you to have the right to acquire at a discount.