Voting in the general election

If you can't make polling day, you still have until 5pm on 26 June to apply for a proxy vote. If you will be voting in person, remember to bring your ID. No ID? Apply for a Voter Authority Certificate by 5pm on 26 June.

Leaseholder repairs


Council responsibilities

As the landlord, we are responsible for maintaining the structure of your building and any common areas. As a leaseholder, you contribute your share of these costs.

The exact responsibilities for repairs and maintenance will vary depending on your lease. As a guide, we are usually responsible for:

  • foundations
  • drains
  • roofs and gutters
  • external doors
  • external fixtures, fittings and equipment
  • external walls (and internal load bearing walls)
  • communal lighting
  • communal grounds and paths and stairs
  • communal decorations
  • window frames and external painting
  • communal TV and radio aerials and equipment (tower blocks only)
  • pipes supplying the mains water, from the water company’s stopcock outside the block, up to and including, the main stopcock in individual flats; or, where there is a communal water storage tank for the whole building, the gate valve in the flat
  • gas pipes within the block (up to but not including, the gas meter in flats)
  • electricity cables within the block (up to but not including, the electricity meters in flats)
  • wiring for communal TV and radio within the block, up to and including, the aerial socket(s) provided in the flats (Tower Blocks Only)
  • refuse disposal chutes and communal dustbins
  • lifts and entry system
  • car parking areas