Voting in the general election

If you can't make polling day, you still have until 5pm on 26 June to apply for a proxy vote. If you will be voting in person, remember to bring your ID. No ID? Apply for a Voter Authority Certificate by 5pm on 26 June.

Leaseholder repairs


Leaseholder responsibilities

You are responsible for all repairs inside your flat.

The exact responsibilities for repairs and maintenance will vary depending on your lease. As a guide, you are usually responsible for:

  • individual heating systems and appliances
  • individual front doors, internal doors and fittings (hinges, letterboxes, handles and bells)
  • plumbing and pipe work within the property up to the main stopcock
  • internal fixtures and fittings and equipment
  • internal decorations including the plaster covering on the walls
  • floor coverings, including floor tiles and screeds
  • internal walls (not load bearing)
  • ceilings, including ceiling battens
  • window glazing (but not the frame)
  • damage caused by you

If you do not carry out repairs that you are responsible for, we may need to enter your property to complete the work. We will then recharge you for the cost of the work.