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Council tenant repairs


Council responsibilities

Below is a guide to the kinds of things we are responsible for. For full details of repair responsibilities, read our tenant repair policy (pdf)

You are responsible for any fixtures or fittings you have installed yourself or previous tenants have installed.

You are also responsible for any damage you cause.

If your property has been damaged by someone else, you need to report this to the police and a get a crime number.

We will maintain the following:

  • structure and outside of the building, including:
    • roofs
    • walls (but not internal decoration)
    • floors
    • ceilings
    • window frames
    • external doors
    • drains
    • gutters
    • outside pipes
    • boundary fences
  • gas and electricity services inside your home, from the meter to the outlet socket
  • kitchens and bathroom fixtures including:
    • basins (not blockages)
    • sinks (not blockages)
    • toilets (not blockages if you have more than one toilet)
    • baths (not blockages)
  • electrical wiring, gas, and water pipes
  • heating equipment and water heating equipment
  • any shared areas around your home including:
    • stairs
    • lifts
    • landings
    • lighting
    • entrance halls
    • paving
    • parking areas
    • rubbish chutes