Bin it campaign advertLeaving or depositing litter is a criminal offence and spoils the environment. Always ensure that you dispose of your litter in the correct way either by putting it in a litter bin or taking it home. Harlow Council can issue Fixed Penalty Notices to people who drop litter. Both the police and the Council can prosecute those who litter.

More information on street bins

How can I report litter?

Whilst a small amount of litter and detritus (dust, mud, soil, grit, gravel, stones, rotted leaf and vegetable residues etc) is acceptable between street cleaning cleaning cycles we understand streets can become littered or suffer from a build up of detritus suddenly, for example by litter dropped by pedestrians, or detritus caused following heavy rainfall.

How can I report broken glass?

Broken glass is treated the same as litter. If you leave broken glass on the ground, you are littering and you may be fined.

How can I report needles?

You can report needles on public land, highways or within a Council flat block to us. Unfortunately Harlow Council is unable to remove items from private owned and housing association flat blocks. You will need to report this direct to the Management Company or the housing association you pay your service charge to.

Can I dispose of cigarette ends in the street?

Whilst small in size, cigarette ends take a long time to break down, often end up in the cracks in the pavement, and are almost impossible to remove. Many of the bins in the town centre have integrated ash trays in them, plus there are dedicated cigarette end bins in some areas of the town centre. If you see an area that would benefit from a cigarette bin, please let us know at Contact Harlow and we will consider installing one.

If you leave a cigarette end on the ground, you are littering and you may be fined.

Can I dispose of chewing gum in the street?

Carelessly discarded chewing gum is one of the hardest things to remove from footpaths – the black stains you see on paving are individual blobs of chewing gum. Always dispose of your chewing gum by wrapping it and then putting it into a bin.

If you leave chewing gum on the ground, you are littering and you may be fined for littering.

#Love Essex litter campaign

Essex local authorities and fast food businesses are continuing the battle against litter with the highly successful Love Essex campaign #LoveEssex

The businesses include Britvic, Chelmsford Star Co-operative, Coca-Cola, Costa, Domino’s, Helping Hands, Highways England, Keep Britain Tidy, KFC, McDonald’s, RP2 Global, Smith Anderson, Tesco, and Wrigley.

This campaign reminds people to bin their litter responsibly, or risk a fine for littering from £75.