Fly tipping

We investigate reports of fly tipping when rubbish or bulky items are dumped on public or private land.

We can only clear dumped rubbish when it is left on:

  • public land or roads
  • within a Harlow council flat block
  • within a garage block

We cannot clear dumped rubbish from private land ourselves, but we can issue a notice to landowners asking them to remove it.

To report fly tipping, you will need:

  • the location of the dumped rubbish
  • details of the person who dumped it and their vehicle registration number (if you witnessed it)
  • a photo of the rubbish (if you have one)
  • your name, address and contact number

Once we receive your fly tipping report, HTS (Property & Environment) Ltd will:

  • remove fly tipped waste from public land as soon as possible (this may be delayed by enforcement officer investigating the offence)

We can remove fly tipped waste from private land for a charge if the landowner requests this and we have the equipment. 

We can issue a fixed penalty notice (FPN) of £200 to people who fly tip. If they do not pay the FPN, they will have to go to court, and if the court finds them guilty, they could receive a fine of up to £50,000 or get 12 months in prison.