Waste Collections

All food waste collections are currently suspended. Garden Waste collections are currently behind schedule. You can find the latest on all waste collections on our news page.



We investigate reports of litter, including:

  • cigarette ends
  • chewing gum
  • bottles and can
  • plastic
  • waste food

Litter does not include fallen leaves, tree branches, mud, soil or gravel.

We will remove litter if it is found on:

  • public land
  • roads
  • pavements
  • a council housing estate

We are also responsible for emptying overflowing litter bins.

To report litter, you will need:

  • the location of the litter
  • description of the litter
  • description of the person who dropped the litter (if you saw them)
  • a photo of the litter (if you have one)
  • your contact details

We can issue a fixed penalty notice of £80 to people who litter.