Housing Standards Board

The Housing Standard Board meets monthly and focuses on the operating processes and procedures across the new structure, while ensuring that services to Tenants and Leaseholders are maintained to agreed levels via the Standard Panels and their tenant/service inspections.

The Housing Standards Board makes recommendations to the Portfolio Holders or Cabinet in accordance with current governance arrangements. It also monitors and allocates the tenant participation budget, training and development for representatives, operating and monitoring the consultation process, research opportunities and bid for funding from sources outside the Council in support of local standards, support other groups within the town. As well as this it will seek registration with relevant Local Government Agencies for access to their restricted web sites/information and make recommendations for the future use of green/open space in local communities.

For more information, previous papers or if you are interested in attending the Housing Standard Board, please Contact Harlow.

Chair of the Housing Standards Board

The Housing Portfolio Holder

How to join

If you would be interested in joining the Housing Standards Board, please email: tenant.relations@harlow.gov.uk.


The Housing Standards Board meets once a month in the Civic Centre and are open to the public. Upcoming housing events and meetings