Green waste

family using brown wheelie bin for green waste Harlow Council offers two hassle-free services for you to dispose of your green (garden) waste. which will be sent for composting. These services are:

Green Waste Premium service (fortnightly wheelie bin)

Sign up for a Green Waste Premium service and we will provide the wheelie bin to recycle your garden waste all year round, including your real Christmas tree (put next to your brown bin in January). If your property is not on the wheelie bin service for non-recycling and recycling we will provide you with bags instead.

  • Sign up for your Green Waste Premium service for £96 for collections starting from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.

Please read the refund procedure for bookings.

Renew or sign up for your Green Waste Premium service online

Alternatively you can sign up through Contact Harlow

If you sign up after April 2018 the cost for the year ending 31 March 2019 will be as follows:

Sign up for Green Waste Premium in Cost
May 2018 £88
June 2018 £80
July 2018 £72
August 2018 £64
September 2018 £56
October 2018 £48
November 2018 £40
December 2018 £32
January 2019 £24
February 2019 £16
March 2019 £8

Green Waste Premium Service change of days in Winter

During the winter season we see a natural decline in the amount of green waste out for collection. As a result of this and in order to ensure the service we offer is efficient and cost effective, we are able to make the same number of collections over three days per week instead of five. The Green Waste Premium collections will continue to be made fortnightly but some collection days will change during Winter. Those affected will receive confirmation of the change by post or email. You can also check your Green Waste Premium Service collection dates on our website.

Green Waste bagged collection

Book a green waste bagged collection, using either your own bags and pay 95p per bag of green waste or book for free when using our pre paid bags. You can buy a roll of 20 pre paid bags for £19 from the cashiers desks at Contact Harlow.

You can book a real Christmas tree collection in January 2019 using the Green Waste bagged collection service for just £2.10 a tree. For an artificial Christmas tree you can book using the Bulky collection service.

Please read the refund procedure for bookings. Refunds will not be given for green waste if the bags are contaminated.

Book your Green Waste bagged collection online

Alternatively you can book through Contact Harlow.

What can I put in my Green Waste?

Information on what can and can't go in the Green Waste bagged collection and Green Waste Premium service:

Yes please put in recycling

  • grass cuttings
  • hedge cuttings, prunings, leaves, bark
  • flowers, weeds
  • branches (must be a maximum size of one metre length and 15cm diameter)

Remember that the person collecting the waste must be able to lift bags / bundles into the back of the vehicle, so please do not overfill them. If the green waste is wet, please put less into each bag to reduce the weight.

no thanks do not put in recycling

  • no bags to be put inside the Green Waste Premium Service brown wheelie bins
  • Large branches, tree stumps
  • Japanese knotweed
  • Turf, earth, soil, stones and gravel
  • Treated or painted wood and fencing
  • Building materials
  • Food or kitchen waste including peelings
  • Animal faeces and cat litter
  • Textiles
  • Nappies
  • Plastic trays, plant pots, plastic bags and wrappings
  • Cardboard
  • Hazardous waste

Get composting

Regular gardening can create lots of waste but home composting is an easy way to reuse your cuttings, raw vegetable peelings and tea bags for your own benefit. More information on composting