Apply for us to approve or discharge planning conditions

We can attach conditions to your planning permission, which you may need to have approved or discharged.

As part of a condition, you may need to:

  • send us details (such as samples of materials or detailed drawings)
  • apply for us to approve the condition before you start work
  • apply for us to approve the condition before the building is occupied or in use
  • use approved details (such as a specific roof tile) when carrying out work
  • apply for us to discharge a condition once you have met the approved details

The wording of the conditions will explain what you need to do.

If we don’t approve your planning conditions, you start work at your own risk as we could take legal action.

You can use the Planning Portal fee calculator to find out how much you need to pay. 

If you are unable to complete your planning application online, you can apply by post.

You can download an application form from the Planning Portal website.

Send your application to: Planning Department, Harlow Council, Civic Centre, The Water Gardens, Harlow CM20 1WG.

You need to make sure that you submit all of the correct supporting documents when you complete your planning application. 

The application form's checklist section will tell you which documents you have to provide from the national validation list, but you will also need to include any relevant documents from Harlow Council's local validation requirements list.