Do I need Planning Permission?

Many works to residential properties require the benefit of planning permission prior to works being carried out. The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015, sets out a series of criteria and conditions that establish whether the development proposed is exempt or not from requiring planning permission.

The Local Planning Authority is responsible for ascertaining whether you require planning permission or not, whilst useful guidance is available via the Planning Portal, it is advisable to confirm with the Local Planning Authority in advance of works commencing.

Upon completion and submission of the relevant form below, Officers will check the planning history of the property and compare that being proposed with the criteria set out in the GPDO. A formal response will be provided in writing which it is recommended you retain.

In respect of commercial premises, in most instances, extensions and major alterations require planning permission; however, some smaller scale aspects may be exempt. This form should be used for queries relating to small scale external and internal works to premises, car park alterations, mezzanine floors etc.

Should guidance be required on whether or not the alterations being proposed require planning permission or if permission is required to change the lawful use of the premises, please write to the Local Planning Authority stating the exact nature and location of the works proposed and Planning Officers will seek to determine whether planning permission is required and respond in writing within eight weeks of the receipt of the letter.

The Local Planning Authority will only respond to formal requests made either via the form above or in writing and subject to adequate information being submitted to enable a good understanding of the development to be made

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It is also advised that you check if you require either covenant or building regulations consent for the works proposed.

Current Planning Policies

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